Vic Faesser attempting to bike around state’s permieter

Vic Faesser attempting to bike around state’s permieter
The Pawnee Republican, by Ray Kappel, News Editor

Vic Faesser has a bucket list like just about everybody else.

His may differ since he is a bicycle rider. Not just any bicycle rider; he has gone on Bike Ride Across Nebraska some 27-28 times. That is a 400 plus mile trip.

You might guess the bucket list has something just a tiny bit longer – like 800 miles longer.

Faesser and two other biking enthusiasts are biking around the perimeter of the state, some 1,248 miles.

“It is on my bucket list, something I have always wanted to do,” he said by phone from Red Cloud where the group had camped for the night.

They started out Sept. 1 and plan to complete the journey in 21 days. They will go as close to the border of the state as pavement and safety allow.

The trip is really the brainchild of one of the other riders, Ric Hines. Hines organized this trip to celebrate Nebraska’s 150th birthday. In fact, the trip is part of the NE150 Challenge that is going on around the state this year. The other person on the trip is Pat Grewe.

The trip has been on Faesser’s bucket list for 30 years. He bought his touring bike that long ago and has always wanted to do something like this trip. The other two people on the trip are using recumbent bikes.

Faesser is accomplishing this feat as he nears his 70th birthday. Hines is 61 and Grewe 56. That seems remarkable for anybody to accomplish this feat but to do it as a senior citizen like Faesser is doing gives hope to the rest of us who are in the neighborhood.

Faesser said things were going good on the trip. They reached Red Cloud Monday night from Chester, about 60 miles. They are doing about 60 miles a day for the whole trip.

In Chester, they found the only place to eat was a tiny convenience store that had sandwiches. They camped out at the city park.

When they got to Red Cloud they got a motel room, hot showers and a good night sleep.

They were out on the road again Tuesday morning.

Perhaps a community prayer is in order for the three’s safety.  They are traveling the highways, putting themselves at a certain risk to realize their dream of a long road trip.