Day 19- Tekamah to Omaha

Day 19- Tekamah to Omaha, 43 miles (9-19-17)

We rode out of Tekamah at around 7:30 am.  The road was pretty flat for the first half of the day, but the headwind was steady.  Seventeen miles later, we stopped in Blair (county seat of Washington County, population 7990) and refilled our water bottles. From Blair to Omaha, we faced tremendous headwinds (20-30 mph), extremely long hills, and increasing traffic.

As we rolled through Elkhorn (Douglas County, recently annexed by Omaha, population 6062), we decided to stop and enjoy an ice cream treat at Dairy Chef. Basically, we made that our lunch stop.

Dairy Chef Elkhorn Day 19
Almost home… Ice cream treat at Elkhorn’s Dairy Chef

The most difficult part of the entire trip was the last five miles home.  The road and riding conditions were challenging:  pour shoulder, high traffic volume, and a 30 mph headwind.

I completed my trip where I started it… at our villa, logging in 1294 miles in 19 days. Vic plans to ride from Omaha to Pawnee City tomorrow in order to complete his loop.

We enjoyed a nice home-cooked meal and shared stories about our adventure.  It is good to be home!!!


43 Miles
1294 Total Miles
4 Hours, 58 minutes
Average speed: 8.7 mph

Blair Trivia
* Blair is 20 miniles north of Omaha
* The  city was named for John I Blair, a railroad official who purchased and platted the 1075-acre tract of land .
Learn more about Blair

Elkhorn Trivia
* Elkhorn has had many names: Elkhorn Station… then Chicago… then Douglas… and finally Elkhorn. It  was named after the Elkhorn River.
* Elkhorn ceased to be an independent municipality on March 1, 2007.   The city was annexed by Omaha.
Learn more about Elkhorn



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