Day 18- Dakota City to Tekamah

Day 18- Dakota City to Tekamah, 51 miles (9-18-17)

What was that?!Last night, something smacked into our tents. I kept hearing some rustling in what I thought was Vic’s packs.  He said it was coming from outside somewhere and eventually got up to check it out.  It was coming from within the picnic structure we were in (due to the potential for overnight storms.) The strange noise ended up being a foil helium balloon which was up in the rafters, bouncing aound with the slight breeze.  Crisis averted.

Well, Day 18 is starting off a bit dicey.  We woke to thunder, lightning and heavy rain at 3:30 am.  The park garbage was picked up at 6 am with the banging right outside our structure.  A second wave of storms hit us as we were packing up (around 6:30 am).  By the way, the picnic shelter was super, as it kept us perfectly dry.

cloudsBack to the ride.  We had fewer miles today, but conditions were less than favorable. We faced long, steep hills; high headwinds; damp, wet riding conditions and very heavy traffic.  We rode through both the Winnebago and Omaha Reservations.

I was pretty thrilled to find a Nebraska Blackshirts flag on the road.  I hope that it blew off a car… not tossed out the window by a disgruntled Husker fan after Saturday’s loss to Northern Illinois!

Souvenir Day 18
Souvenir- Nebraska Blackshirts Flag

We made it to Tekamah, (Burt County, population 1736) and decided to get a hotel for tonight.  We need to get a good rest and clean up.  We should be able to make it back to Omaha tomorrow, weather permitting.

51 miles
Total miles- 1250
5 hours, 27 minutes
Average speed- 9.3 mph

Winnebago Tribe Trivia
* The Winnebago Reservation is located in Thurston County. The tribal council offices are located in the town of Winnebago. The villages of Emerson and Thurston are also located on the reservation.
* In 1994, the Winnebego Tribe founded Ho-Chunk, Inc, employing 1400, and strongly contributed to new resources on the reservation.

Omaha Tribe Trivia
* The Omaha became the first tribe on the Northern Plains to adopt equestrian culture around 1770.
* The Omaha Tribe owns and manages two nearby casinos: Backbird Bend Casino near Onawa, IA, and Lucky 77 Casino in Walthill, NE.

Tekamah Trivia
* Tekamah means big cottonwood in the Omaha-Ponca language.
* The name “Tekamah” was literally chosen by the luck of the draw.  It was agreed that each of the exploration parties should write their favorite name on a slip of paper and drop it into a hat. The first name drawn out would then become the official name of the community. The first name drawn was “Tekamah.”
Learn more about Tekamah




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