Day 17- Crofton to Dakota City

Day 17- Crofton to Dakota City, 71.75 miles (9-17-17)

It was a very chilly to start today’s ride- 43 degrees.  At 18 miles, we stopped for a break in Wynot (village in Cedar County, population 166).  We then faced a road closure and construction bypass that caused us to ride on a gravel road for 1.5 miles and navigate our bikes through the dirt/mud to get back on the road. The terrain was very hilly.  All in all, it was a challenging morning ride.

We stopped for lunch in Maskell (village in Dixon County, population 76) at the Faith Lutheran Church picnic area.  Maskell boasts the smallest City Hall in the nation! See photo below.

Wynot- Smallest City Hall Day 17
Maskell- World’s Smallest City Hall

We had light winds and a relatively flat afternoon ride.  We rode a total of 71.75 to Dakota City (county seat of Dakota County, population 1919), and set up camp in the City Park.  We ate dinner at the gas station/convenient store, as there were no other choices available. After dinner, we moved our gear into the picnic structure. We are told that we are going to have lots of rain tonight and tomorrow.

Dakota City

71.75 miles
Total miles- 1198
6 hours, 57 minutes
Average speed: 10.3 mph

Wynot Trivia
*  In selecting a name, it is said that when one struck the fancy of the elderly gentleman from whom the land was purchased, he responded “Ja,vy not? Wahrumnicht?” The brogue sounded strange to one of the listeners, who laughingly remarked, “…why not, Wynot?” And so that name was chosen.
Learn more about Wynot

Maskell Trivia
* The town was named for John Maskell, a pioneer settler.
* Maskell’s City Hall (the smallest in the nation) measures 10 feet by 10 feet.
Learn more about Maskell

Dakota City Trivia
* Dakota City is one of Nebraska’s oldest communities.
* The name was chosen to honor the Dacotah (Sioux) Indians.
* The first Lutheran Church in Nebraska was built in Dakota City in 1860.
Learn more about Dakota City


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