Day 16- Spencer to Crofton

Day 16- Spencer to Crofton, 68.09 miles (9-16-17)

Drying Tents Day 16
Drying our tents after two morning storms

We woke today at 6:30 am with thunderstorms.  A second round hit at 7:30 am.  We were able to set off around 9:15, so it was a late start for us.  We have many hills ahead of us for the next few days through two Indian Reservations (Ponca and Santee).

The morning ride was fairly flat following the Ponca Creek.  We arrived in Niobrara (village in Knox County, population 370) around 1:30 pm.

Shop in Niobrara Day 16
Shop in Niobrara

It appears that Verizon does not know that Hwy 12 exists, as I have had no cell signal for quite some time.  Ha. Ha.

No signal

We stopped in Monowi (village in Boyd County, population 1).  Minowi is the smallest town in Nebraska.  In fact, Minowi is the only incorporated municipality in the United States with just one person.

Monowi Day 16
Monowi, Population of 1 Person

We arrived in Crofton (city in Knox County, population, 726) at 5:15 pm, and were able to attend Mass at 5:30 pm at St. Rose of Lima. Perfect!  We camped at the Crofton City Park.

68.09 miles
1126 Total miles
6 hours, 7 minutes
Average speed- 11.1 mph

Niobrara Trivia
* Niobrara’s slogan is Explore The Possibilities.
It is the headquarters of the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska and home of the Niobrara State Park.
* Native Americans gave the town its name, which means “running water.”
Learn more about Niobrara

Monowi Trivia
* Elsie Eiler, age 83, is the sole resident of Monowi.
“Monowi” is the Indian word for flower, more specifically a flower with milky juice that we know as snow-on-the-mountain.
Learn more about Monowi

Crofton Trivia
* Crofton’s slogan is The GOOD LIFE Begins HERE.
* Crofton celebrated its Quasquicentennial (125th anniversary) in July, 2017.
* Gavins Point Dam, Nebraska’s second largest reservoir, is near Crofton. The town is know as
 “the friendliest town by a dam site.”
Learn more about Crofton


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