Day 15- Springview to Spencer

Day 15- Springview to Spencer, 67.59 miles, (9-15-17)

Springview “alarm clock”

Severe storms, lightning, and some real downpours awakened us a 3:30 am.  We were so glad to  be in the bunkhouse when the storm hit, bringing with it 9/10 inch of rain.

Early Storms Day 15
View from the bunkhouse

We departed the Weston Ranch after enjoying a hearty breakfast. Ben and Sue were wonderful hosts!!!

We had heavy fog to start our ride and then heavy mist/wind all morning.  The hills were 2-3 miles long and very steep. We stopped for lunch in Naper (village in Boyd County, population 84). Naper was having a POW/MIA Remembrance Day, so we enjoyed some free cookies!


The roads and wind were pretty good for the 26 mile ride from Naper to Spencer. (village in Boyd County, population 455).

We landed in Spencer, where we set up camp in a nice City park.  The park had a shower available, which we appreciated.

67.59 miles
Total miles- 1058
6 hours, 8 minutes
Average speed 10.8 mph

Naper Trivia
* Naper is an “inland town” (having no railroad) located 3 miles from the South Dakota border.
Two early settlers, R. R. Naper and George Hotaling, each relinquished 40 acres of their homesteads for a townsite. The town is named for Naper. (The town was originally named Naperville.)
Learn more about Naper

Spencer Trivia
* Spencer has been dubbed the Sportsman’s ParadiseThe Niobrara River is only 7 miles to the south and the Missouri River is 25 miles to the north, offering some of the best fishing opportunities in the state.
The first car in Spencer was a bright red Buick “buggy type” driven over from O’Neill by Fred Sedlacek in 1908.
Learn more about Spencer


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