Day 12- Crawford to Gordon

Day 12- Crawford to Gordon, around 73.3 miles (9-12-17)

We rode from Crawford to Gordon today, 73.3 miles.  The temps ranged from 63 degrees to 98 degrees.  We had a light headwind.

The first 1/2 day of riding was pretty good.  It was hot, but the roads and wind were reasonable. Twenty-four miles into our journey, we rode into Chadron (Dawes County, population 5851).  We had a long stop here in order to repair my front wheel bearings/hub. I also had another flat due to truck tread wires.
Fix a Flat

Upon leaving Chadron, we saw the magnificent Pine Ridge (between the Niobrara River and the White River). The Pine Ridge National Recreation Area is part of the Nebraska National Forest.

Pine Ridge
Passing through Pine Ridge

At around 3 pm and forty-four miles into our ride, we entered Hay Springs (village in Sheridan County, population 568) and decided to have lunch. I had another flat on the trailer. This makes #3!  We were forced to wait out some nasty popcorn storms, which was tough knowing that we still had a couple of hours of riding ahead of us.

Oh… and Vic is starting to smell like sardines… a couple of cans broke in his pack!

Old Sardines

Even though we were plagued by spotty rain showers from 3-6 pm, we luckily made it another twenty-seven miles to Gordon, (Sheridan County, population 1612), where Vic made arrangements for lodging at the St. Leo’s rectory.  We had a nice dinner at Pizza Hut with our host, Father Joseph, who is the priest at St. Leo’s Catholic Church in Gordon, and at two other parishes nearby.  Another nice bed, shower and breakfast!!!

73.3 miles
6 hours, 8 minutes
Average speed- 11.9 mph

Chadron Trivia
* Chadron is the headquarters of the United States Forest Service for:
# Nebraska National Forest
# Samuel R McKelvia National Forest
# Buffalo Gap National Grassland
# Fort Pierre National Grassland
# Oglala National Grasslands  (Note: this is spelled correctly)
Learn more about Chadron

Hays Spring Trivia
* Hay Springs is 3830 ft (about 3/4 mile) about sea level.
* Numerous springs are in the area, hence its name.
Learn more about Hay Springs

Gordon Trivia
* Gordon is just 15 miles from the South Dakota border.
* It was named for John Gordon, a pioneer settler.
Learn more about Gordon



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