Day 11- Mitchell to Crawford

Day 11- Mitchell to Crawford, 84.2 miles (9-11-17)

We started the day very early, as we knew it would be a hot day.  What we did not know was that we would be riding MAJOR… and I mean MAJOR hills with gusty winds.  The hills were 2-3 miles long and fairly steep.

Ric- Day 11
Ric- Day 11- Hilly, Windy and Hot!

At one point, we were at 5002 ft elevation, but dropped a bit as we went into Fort Robinson and Crawford.

Coyote running

We chased a coyote down the highway, and saw deer and elk.

Beautiful Nebraska- On Top of the World
Beautiful Nebraska- On Top of the World!

The bluffs, ridges, hills and plains are beautiful!!

Just two miles west of Crawford, is Fort Robinson State Park– with more than 22,000 acres of exquisite Pine Ridge scenery, compelling old west history, exceptional lodging, loads of fun-time activities, scenic camping and the park’s own buffalo and longhorn herds.

The park host’s one of the great historic places of the American West: Fort Robinson.

We made it to Crawford (Dawes County, population 997).  Vic arranged for us to stay at another rectory- St. John the Baptist in Crawford.  Fr. Bernie Bergan let us into the rectory.  We are grateful for the nice baths and beds.

I am very sore and tired today, as we had little sleep last night due to the trains.

84.2 miles
8 hours, 46 minutes
Average speed: 9.6 mph

Crawford Trivia
* Crawford has been called: The Gate City, The Garden Beyond the Sandhills, and The Deer Hunting Capital.
Learn more about Crawford


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