Day 9- Chappell to Kimball

Day 9- Chappell to Kimball, 68.6 miles, (9-9-17)

Our famous cyclist from Pawnee City, Vic Faesser, has been written up in his local newspaper, The Pawnee Republican.  Ray Kappel has written a terrific article about Vic’s current adventure!  While Vic has ridden the 400 mile Bike Ride Across Nebraska (BRAN) 27-28 times, this is his first attempt at riding around Nebraska’s border… about 1250 miles.
Click here for the teaser.
Click here for the full story.

Colton, NE Day 9
Taking a break in Colton, NE

Oh, sleeping in the Chappell City Park, with manicured green grass surrounding us. We should have known that this was coming: we were awakened by the park’s sprinkler system at 4 am!

Park Sleeping
Camping in the Park

As we were packing up to leave Chappell this morning, Kent Kayton, a neighbor who lives by the park, brought us a nice cup of coffee and a morning chat. We met him in the dark last night as he returned from the high school football game on the other side of the park.  Their six-man football team was not doing well, but they did win last week for the first time in seven years!

After riding northwest about 22 miles, we took a break in Colton, (unincorporated community in Cheyenne County, population unknown).  Colton is just east of Sydney. We are now at an elevation of 4000 feet.

I had another encounter with a goats head burr, but pulled it out before I got a flat.

Lemonade Break in Potter
Lemonade break in Potter

We stopped for a lemonade at the Potter Sundry, home of the original Tin Roof Sundae.  Click here to enjoy the article in the Omaha World Herald written by Sarah Baker Hansen in June. Potter is a village in Cheyenne, County, with a population of 300.

Editor’s comment: you should have ordered the Tin Roof Sundae!!!

Potter's Tin Roof Sundae
Potter Sundry’s Tin Roof Sundae

The roads were flat and nice all day!

We made it to Kimball (county seat of Kimball County, population 2433), which is in the very southwestern corner of Nebraska’s panhandle. We were just in time to clean up and get to 5:15 Mass at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Kimball.

As it turns out, Vic had some connections that resulted in lodging in the basement of the St. Joseph’s rectory.  Vic’s brother (Father Art Faesser of St. James in Kearney) contacted Father Sagar of St. Joseph’s in Kimball. We were also able to get a nice shower, and do some laundry.

Kimball Event Center
Kimball Event Center

I was trying to get a photo of the Kimball water tower, as we have some fond memories of a snapshot in front of the water tower with our dear friends, Karl and Wendy Kimball.  The best I could do in our current location was this snapshot of the Kimball Event Center. (Note to Karl and Wendy: we always considered your Doylestown home the Kimball Event Center! Ha!)

68.6 miles
5 hours, 54 minutes
Average speed: 11.6 mph

Colton Trivia
A post office was established at Colton in 1887, and remained in operation until it was discontinued in 1901. Colton was likely named for an early settler.

Potter Trivia
* Potter in known for originating the Tin Roof Sundae. Harold Dean “Pinky” Thayer is credited for inventing the ice cream treat. The treat was named the Tin Roof Sundae because of the tin ceiling above the soda fountain.
* On July 6, 1928, Potter received the largest hailstone ever recorded, which measured approximately 7 inches in diameter and weighed approximately 1.5 pounds.
Learn more about Potter.

Kimball Trivia
Kimball was originally called Antelopeville, but was renamed in 1885 in honor of Thomas Kimball, a railroad official.
* Oil was discovered in Kimball in 1951.
* Kimball slogan: High Point of Nebaska.  It’s elelvation is 4,715 feet.
   ++ Note: the highest natural point in Nebraska is Panorama Point, which is at an elevation of 5249 feet.  It is located in southwestern Kimball County, near the point where Nebraska and Wyoming meet on Colorado’s northern boundary.
Learn more about Kimball.




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