Day 8- Imperial to Chappell

Day 8- Imperial to Chappell, 90.12 miles (9-8-17)

Ric- 7 miles north of Imperial
Ric- 7 miles north of Imperial

The smoke in the atmosphere is definitely affecting our view of the sun.

Ric, Pat, and Vic met up in Ogallala (county seat of Keith County, population 4737). From there, Pat headed east toward Lincoln on Hwy 30. His wife, Mary, will pick him up in Paxton tomorrow.

Ogallala News Story Sep 13, 2017
This photo and article by Kathryn Kellar was printed in the Ogallala newspaper on 9-13-17.

Meanwhile, Ric and Vic headed west on Hwy 30 and made it as far as Chappell (county seat of Deuel County, population 929).

This was a long day of riding- 90 miles.  We are hoping to get to Kimball, NE tomorrow. We have fond memories of traveling through Kimball with our dear friends Karl and Wendy and family!  I must get a snapshot of the Kimball water tower!!

90.12 miles
7 hours, 45 minuts
Average speed- 11.6 mph

Ogallala Trivia
Geography is often destiny.  It has always been so with Ogallala, a town that came into existence at the junction of the major routes of the transcontinental migrations and of the cattle trails north from Texas.
* Oglalla is located along I-80 in western Nebraska. U.S. Highway 30, U.S. Highway 26 and Nebraska Highway 61 all intersect in Ogallala. The South Platte River flows through town and the North Platte River flows through Lake McConaughy, located 9 miles north of Ogallala.
* Lake McConaughy is 
Nebraska’s biggest lake and the largest reservoir in a three state region.
Learn more about Ogallala

Chappell Trivia
The longest creek in the United States, Lodgepole Creek, runs through Chappell next to the nine (9) hole municipal golf course.
The town of Chappell was named for a railroad construction engineer, Charles Henry Chappell, who,as the story is told, had supplies sent to him and his crew along the line with the command, “Send this shipment out to Chappell.” Therefore, the locality became known as “Chappell.”
Learn more about Chappell, NE.


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