Day 7- McCook to Imperial

Day 7- McCook to Imperial, 67 miles (9-7-17)

The starting temperature today was 49 degrees.  We are expecting a high of 85.

We stopped at the Hillside Perk in Culbertson (village in Hitchcock County, population 589) for breakfast, 12 miles outside of McCook, as recommended by our friend, Diane.

Pat at Hillside Perk, Culbertson
Pat at the Hillside Perk in Culbertson.

I had my first flat on the trailer 8 miles out…a large cockle-burr.  Arghh.

Avoiding the Cockle Burrs
Avoiding the Cockle-burrs

The past two days, we have passed three large cemeteries with 100-300 flagpoles each.

As mentioned above, the weather was cool to start, but warmed up quickly.  The roads were all good with much of the terrain being flat to rolling hills.  We even had a slight tailwind for part of the day heading to the north and west.

We crossed into Mountain Time, at about 1:30 pm near Wauneta (village in Chase County, population 577).

Pat nearly ran over a turkey, but a passing semi-truck scared it back off the road, out of harm’s (or should I say Pat’s) way.Turkey

After riding 67 miles today, we arrived in Imperial (county seat of Chase County, population 2071).  We have completed nearly 1/3 of the trip!  Yay!

We spent a good amount of time visiting with locals and with police officers to find a suitable campsite.  We started at the Fairgrounds, and now we are in a City park.

As the sun went down, the manager from the Quick Stop brought her two kids to the City park to play on the equipment and chat with us. (She and her staff had directed us to the Fairgrounds earlier.) We heard an earful about her c-store idiosyncracies. Ha. Ha.

Other than the noise from grain bin fans (which sound like a jet engine on a runway), we should have a quiet night.

67 miles
5 hours, 55 minutes
Average 11.1 mph

Culbertson Trivia
* Pioneers of Norwegian descent chose the land in the Republican River valley near Blackwood Creek (now known as Culbertson) to stake their claims in 1873.
Learn more about Culbertson, NE.

Wauneta Trivia
*As a walk-on player from Wauneta, Taylor Dixon played Nebraska Football 2009-2012.
Learn more about Wauneta, NE.

Imperial Trivia
Imperial’s slogans:
* “Come Home to Imperial: A great place with room to grow your family… grow your business… grow your future.”
* “Where hometown values and modern technology combine to make the good life even better.”
Learn more about Imperial, NE.


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