Day 5- Red Cloud to Beaver City

Day 5- Red Cloud to Beaver City, 9-5-17, 75.62 miles

It was a nice crisp morning (50 degrees), and we were on the road early.  It was a pleasant ride featuring a medley of hills, flats, and headwinds.  We are now following the Republican River Valley, climbing in elevation: 1800 ft. as compared to Omaha’s 1000 ft.  We met our goal of reaching Beaver City.

At 13 miles, we stopped in Riverton (a village in Franklin County, population 89) for a rest stop.  Vic decided to wake up the town at 9 am (with no luck) by ringing the church bell at the Riverton Church of Christ.

Vic Bell Ringer at Riverton United Church of Christ
Vic- Bell Ringer at Riverton United Church of Christ

Vic will leave us on Wednesday, as he needs to be in Ogallala for a couple of days. (Once we arrive in Ogallala, Vic will resume the ride, and Pat will head back home.)

Close call:  A semi-truck was passing us (no problem), and while doing so nearly took out an oncoming pick-up truck. Yikes!

We had some very good roads today.  There was a nice variety of long hills and some flat roads, but a 20-30 mph headwind slowed us down considerably. We had another stop in Stamford (village in Harlan County, population 189).

Today’s destination is Beaver City (Furnas County seat, population 609). We talked to a lady who will open up the United Methodist Church for us.  We’ll camp on the lawn and have access to the church facilities.  Awesome!

New plan: We are now staying in the church basement, as the lawn was being mowed.

Beaver City United Methodist Church Lodging
Beaver City United Methodist Church Lodging

75.62 miles
Average speed: 10 mph
Time: 7 hrs, 33 minutes

Riverton Trivia
* Riverton is a “town of bridges,” with six bridges leading into town from all points on the map.
* The estimated median house or condo value in 2015 was $12,119.
Learn more about Riverton.

Stamford Trivia
* The village was likely named after Stamford, Connecticut which in turn was named after Stamford, Lincolnshire, England.
Learn more about Stamford.

Beaver City Trivia
* Beaver City was the home of Dr. Frank Brewster, Nebraska’s first flying doctor. Brewster flew many missions of mercy throughout southwestern Nebraska and northwestern Kansas. His airplane was a familiar and comforting sight to farmers and ranchers of this area for many years.
Learn more about Beaver City



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