Day 4- Chester to Red Cloud

Day 4- Chester to Red Cloud, 60.03 miles (9-4-17)

Day 4 God Bless our Troops
A fitting tribute to our military from Chester, NE.

More Chester Trivia
We had breakfast at the Chester cafe, which led us to some other interested local trivia.

  • Chester is known as “the Small Town with the Big Heart” due to the sad story of “Little Boy Blue’s” mysterious death. (More)
  • 2017 Miss Nebraska, Allison Tietjen, is from Chester.  Allison will represent Nebraska a the 2018 Miss America pageant on 9-10-17. (More)
  • The “Saw Lady” is from Chester: Cindy Chinn.  Cindy creates one-of-a-kind custom saws.  (More)
  • Six-man football was developed in 1934 by Stephen Epler in Chester, as an alternative means for small high schools to field a football team during the Great Depression.

Back on the road….

Today was the nicest ride to date.  The hills are less severe and the temperature and humidity have dropped significantly.  We are seeing fewer cornfields and more grassy fields.

Vic’s daughter (Diana) and grandson (Lukas) were coming through Red Cloud around dinner time, so we decided to make that our end-point.

Welcome to Red Cloud
Day 4 Destination- Red Cloud

We made it into Red Cloud (Webster county, population 1020), only to find out that there were very few food options because of the holiday.

We wound up in a local bar and grill.  We enjoyed our dinner, with the highlight being some magic tricks performed by Lukas!

We checked into the Green Acres Motel.  All three of us are looking forward to a nice shower, some clean clothes, and a real bed!

Green Acres Motel- Red Cloud
Green Acres Motel- Red Cloud

60.03 miles
Time: 4:58
Average Speed: 11.1 mph

Red Cloud Trivia
* Red Cloud is known as “America’s Most Famous Small Town.”  The town was named for the famous Ogalala Indian chief and warrior.
* Willa Cather (Pulitzer Prize novelist) spent six year of her life growing up in Red Cloud and always thought of it as her home.

Learn more about Red Cloud, NE




One thought on “Day 4- Chester to Red Cloud”

  1. Love your trivia information. Enjoy the great Nebraska terrain and don’t worry about the number of miles you cover each day. Frank Jenson


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