Day 3- Barneston to Chester

Day 3- Barneston to Chester (9-3-17), 69.3 miles

St. Joseph Catholic Church Barneston
St. Joseph Catholic Church in Barneston, NE.

What a great start to the day! We attended a 7:30 am Mass at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Barneston. There were 16 people there, including the priest.

It was another hot/hilly/windy day.  We did come across two 8 mile flat spots.

Lunch was in Fairbury (county seat of Jefferson County, population 3942) at Subway.

We landed in Chester (village in Thayer County, population 232). Chester is located on the Nebraska-Kansas state line where Highways 81 and 8 intersect.  Since there was no place to eat, we rode to a gas station just across the border into Kansas. While the food was terrible (stale burrito), we were able to reload our water and ice.

69.3 miles
Time- 6 hours 40 minutes
Average speed- 10.2 mph

Fairbury Trivia
* Fairbury was the home of the Campbell Bros. Circus. Once the second-largest circus in the world, it was housed here from 1892 until 1912.
Learn more about Fairbury, NE.

Chester Trivia
* Chester was named for President Chester A Arthur, the 21st President of the United States.
Learn more about Chester, NE.


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