Day 2- Johnson to Pawnee City to Barneston

Day 2- Johnson to Pawnee City to Barneston (9-2-17), 60 miles

Vic joins Ric and Pat in Pawnee City

It was a very wind/hot/hilly day!

We rode from Johnson to Pawnee City (county seat of Pawnee County, population 826), where Vic joined us to ride the remainder of the trip.  His wife, Irene, had a feast prepared for us: homemade Runzas, quiche, soup, vegies, fruit, peach cobble and lemonade. Yum!  Thank you, Irene!!!

Feast at Vic and Irene's
Feast at Vic and Irene’s

We only made 60 miles today due to heat, wind and major hills most of the day.  We settled in at Barneston (village in Gage County, population 116), which was short of our goal.

Vic had his credit card compromised… good thing he just opened a new/different account for ATM use on the ride.

It was a good, hard day!

60.1 miles
Time: 6 hours, 22 minutes
Average speed: 9.4 mph

Pawnee City Trivia
* Pawnee City is the home town of Larry the Cable Guy, Daniel Whitney.
Learn more about Pawnee City, NE.

Barneston Trivia
* The present-day town of Barneston was settled at the site of one of the largest Otoe Indian villages in the 19th century. The agency and a trading post were located there. Barneston was founded by a French fur trapper (Francis Barnes) who was married to an Otoe woman.
Learn more about Barneston.


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