Day 1- Omaha to Johnson

Day 1 – Omaha to Johnson (9-1-17), 72.74 miles

Leaving Home (Omaha)

I departed from my home (Omaha, Douglas County, population 446,970) at 7:10 am. The temperature was 62 degrees.

I traveled south on Highway 50.  I met Pat Grewe in Syracuse (Otoe County, population 1,942) about 45 miles from my home.

Traffic was very heavy much of the day, but lessened once we were south of Dunbar. A bridge was out at Lorton (a village in Otoe County, population 41), but luckily they let us cross the creek on the temporary construction bridge.  This saved us having to backtrack 2 miles and bypass on gravel roads.

The winds were stiff at 15 mph.  Headwinds all day and very hilly.  We averaged only 9.2 mph.

We met our goal of riding to Johnson (Nemaha County, population 328)- 72.74 miles. We are camping tonight in the park.  Because of the rain, I moved my tent under the picnic structure.

Johnson Campsite
Johnson Campsite with Pat

72.74 miles
Time: 7 hours, 53 minutes
Average speed: 9.2 mph

Bike Trivia
Weight of each cyclists’ gear:
Ric- 75 lbs.
Vic- 56 lbs.
Pat- 43 lbs.

 Omaha Trivia
* The word “Omaha,” according to Indian legend, means “above all others upon a stream.”
Learn more about Omaha, NE.

Syracuse Trivia
* Since Syracuse was located near a salt mine, it was named after the great salt entity in New York. It was hoped that a similar successful market would develop.
Learn more about Syracuse, NE.

Lorton Trivia
* Lorton was originally named Delta.  Learn more about Lorton, NE.

Johnson Trivia
* Johnson was “put on the map” when the Pioneer Baseball Team won the state championship in 1887.  Learn more about Johnson, NE.




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